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Purbachal HL City

“Ideas aren’t real estate, they grow collectively and that knocks out the egotistical loneliness that generally infects art.”

- Santa Monica, California, (USA)

Anybody can create ideas for real estate or housing project, but for the implementations need hardworking people. For the implementation of a successful project depends on some special criteria such as good planning, efficient organizing, effective leading and powerful controlling.

The Purbachal HL City” team has all the criteria above denote. So, in personal view point “Purbachal HL City” is a project of the people and for the people..

“HL REAL ESTATE Ltd.” is one of the sister concern of “H L GROUP”. In history of Planning of city of Bangladesh, “Purbachal HL City” introducing for the first time enough open space in surrounding areas in each and every plot. “Purbachal HL City”- a name of hope, dream and achievement of local people of Bangladesh and probashi people of Bangladesh.